Families, Couples and Concerned Others


Families or Couples

The dynamics between two or more individuals are explored, aiming to facilitate positive relational change and the growth of empathy. 

Using Systemic Family Therapeutic Interventions, our counsellor can help couples and families explore difficulties (whilst also meeting the needs of individuals) to improve relationships and the emotional well-being of everyone concerned.  

A therapeutic intervention called Non-Violent Resistance (NVR) is also offered to parents/carers/workers if a child or young person is exhibiting aggressive or violent behaviour.


Concerned Others

You might ask yourself, "Why do I need counselling? They're the one with the problem".  However, someone else's poor mental health or problematic behaviour can have an effect on you, and impacts upon your own emotional well-being.

Advice is given on how to motivate and support the maintenance of change in others.

Coping strategies are explored to reduce the effect that another's poor psychological health or problematic behaviour has on you. And relaxation exercises, such as Mindfulness, are offered.



Previous clients of our Family Service have said:

    • "Supporting family and friends is as important as supporting the person in addiction themselves, in order to facilitate change"
    • "It has been very helpful to find a platform to voice my feelings. As a couple we felt that we could share openly."
    • "It changed our lives for the better."
    • "At a time when it felt my family and my marriage was falling apart your support helped us deal with the problem."
    • "Exceptional – I would not be here writing this without IMPACT’s support."



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