Young People (5 years and above)


It is often difficult for children and young people to talk about problems with those who are close to them. Counselling can offer a safe space where problems can be explored with someone who is trained and will listen and try to understand without judging.

It is important that the child or young person wants to attend counselling and sometimes it can feel scary not knowing how things might go. Often young people decide that they’d like to come along and just meet with the counsellor to see how they feel about further sessions before deciding.





What happens in counselling sessions for different ages?

Our counsellors work in a person-centred way which means that, regardless of age, the child or young person decides what they would like to do or talk about during their sessions.


Younger Children

Many situations can impact young children but they aren’t always able to explain what’s going on for them. At a young age, changes in life generally end up being acted out through a child’s behaviour, which, if misunderstood can result in a child getting into trouble at a time when they need support the most.

Because younger children often struggle to understand their feelings and thoughts and expressing them using words is usually difficult, we offer play therapy so that they can process any difficulties without having to talk.  We provide art and craft activities, games and toys to facilitate play therapy sessions and the counsellor is often able to explore the child’s thoughts and feelings whilst engaged in their choice of activity. This enables emotional processing to happen without the child feeling too uncomfortable or challenged. 



Young People & Adolescents

Many young people feel lost, are uncertain about who they are or who they want to be, are affected by friendship issues or just find it difficult dealing with this challenging phase of life. Our counsellors are trained to help explore thoughts and feelings, look at coping strategies that can help young people get through difficult times and help them to think about any changes which they might want to make now or in the future.

Although similar resources (art, craft and games) are available for older children and adolescents, it is often the case that they can express themselves more easily through talking than younger children.

Counselling would happen at a speed that is comfortable for the young person and we would not be giving advice but might help the young person to think about options or choices that they haven’t already considered.





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